October 4, 2022

Branding Myths (Debunked) by a Brand Strategist + Designer

Branding Myths

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Steph Honey

Branding your business may have crossed your mind at some point. There may have been a variety of reasons why you put it off, or maybe you never really understood just how valuable branding can be for your business. But often we find that we hear branding myths that make us feel it’s unaccessible – that’s simply not true.

Branding your business has some myths that need to be busted. So let’s dive into to the top five branding myths we often see in our world.

Branding Myth #1: Your logo is not your brand

The first of our branding myths and the reason it holds this space is it’s oh-so-popular. Whilst this is somewhat true, I hear a lot of people proclaiming that the logo you use for your brand isn’t actually apart of this. This is so far from the truth in fact your logo actually is apart of your brand but if we imagine a pyramid it’s one that is at the top of the iceberg (there’s a lot of other bits that go on behind the scene).

Branding Myth #2: Your Branding is just brand identity (how your brand looks)

Again like the logo, it’s not the be all and end all but it is apart of building a successful brand. Your colours for example, help convey the emotions you want your audience to feel, the style of design you go with should reflect your brand personalities, values (and all those lovely things that go into brand strategy). Brand Strategy is an amazing tool but it needs all these other elements in order for it to work.

Branding Myth #3: Branding is just the same as advertising

Branding focuses on your businesses long-term gains, hopes and dreams, whilst advertising focuses on the short term things, such as pushing out that latest course within a certain timeframe. Good branding should focus on all areas of your business not just the products. Think of advertising as the way you go about encouraging people to buy into the brand.

Branding Myth #4: Branding is just the same as marketing

Marketing, Advertising and Branding are all connected but whereas marketing and advertising are more defined in the goals and measurable outcomes. Advertising focuses on making people buy, marketing deals with nurturing the relationships between brands and their audiences. Marketing helps build a brands recognition and this is influenced by how well defined the brand identity is.

Branding Myth #5: I’m not ready for Branding

The idea of waiting to invest in quality branding after your business grows is backwards. Branding should come before you even begin your business so that it’s off to the right start. If are putting branding off because you don’t know what you want, try to make it a priority to decide and also let the designer help guide you.


There is no doubt that branding has become a big buzz word over the past few years. This is due to the fact that it’s extremely important. Let me help you learn why your business needs branding and give you the tools you need to become a better business owner, use your branding effectively, and grow our beautiful businesses together.

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