April 18, 2024

High Ticket vs. Low Ticket, What’s Your Jam?

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Steph Honey

Recently, there’s been a lot of talk about whether to invest in high ticket items vs low ticket alternatives. It seems like everywhere you turn, someone has an opinion on what’s best for your wallet and your life.

Like many of us, you might be wondering what’s right for you. Should you save up for those big, once-in-a-lifetime purchases or stick to smaller, more frequent buys?

We’re going to chat about the pros and cons of both high ticket and low ticket items. It’s about getting to the heart of what each choice offers you and how it aligns with what you truly want from your purchases.

Weighing Up High Ticket vs. Low Ticket

In my adventure at Dear Charlie, I’ve navigated the exciting world of both high and low ticket offerings. High ticket services, like our bespoke brand strategies, are all about diving deep into each project, crafting a unique and transformative experience for each client.

The charm of high ticket is in its depth and personalisation. It’s like painting a detailed masterpiece for every client, ensuring their brand’s story is told with precision and passion.

Consider this nugget from HubSpot: a whopping 68% of consumers will splash out more for top-notch customer service. This is the soul of our high ticket approach, where we’re not just meeting needs – we’re creating dreams.

Choices, choices…

But, high ticket isn’t all smooth sailing. It demands a hefty dose of time and creativity, which means we can only juggle a few of these dream projects at a time. It’s about quality over quantity, big time.

Now, let’s chat about the low ticket scene. Think of it like sketching quick, vibrant doodles that bring instant joy – like our range of ready-to-use design templates. These are for the go-getters, the dreamers on a budget, making great design accessible to all.

Low ticket might mean smaller profits per sale, but it’s a game of numbers. It’s about spreading the love of design far and wide, making sure everyone gets a piece of the pie.

And hey, just because it’s low ticket doesn’t mean you skimp on the service. Glance tells us that 78% of folks will drop a purchase if the customer experience isn’t up to scratch. So, whether it’s a doodle or a masterpiece, every client gets the VIP treatment.

The tricky bit with low ticket? You’ve got to charm a lot more customers to make the maths work. It’s about casting a wider net and keeping the magic alive for each and every one.

High Ticket vs. Low Ticket Examples

Navigating the High Ticket vs. Low Ticket landscape isn’t one-size-fits-all, especially when it comes to varied industries like personal styling, copywriting, brand design, and business coaching. Let’s dive into some tailored examples to illustrate how different approaches can uniquely serve each sector.

Personal Stylists

High ticket services might include a full wardrobe overhaul and personal shopping experiences, which could be priced from £500-£1,500, providing a luxurious, one-on-one service with tailored style advice.

Low ticket options could be online style guides or virtual workshops, priced around £50-£150, allowing stylists to reach more clients with their expertise, keeping it affordable and accessible.


On the high ticket end, bespoke content strategy and comprehensive branding packages could range from £1,000-£3,000, offering in-depth, personalised services for a select clientele.

Low ticket services might involve template-based copy solutions or group coaching sessions, priced around £50-£200, enabling copywriters to share their expertise with more clients at a more accessible price point.

Business Coaches

High ticket offerings might include comprehensive, one-on-one coaching programs or exclusive retreats, priced between £2,000-£5,000, focusing on in-depth, transformative experiences tailored to individual business needs.

Alternatively, low ticket options could be online courses or webinars, priced around £100-£300, allowing coaches to impart valuable knowledge and strategies to a wider audience efficiently and affordably.

Newborn & Maternity Photographers

High ticket services might include exclusive, full-day photo shoots with bespoke styling, luxurious album packages, and personalised client care, priced around £800-£1,200. These sessions offer an intimate, customised experience, capturing unique and timeless moments for families.

On the low ticket side, consider offering mini-sessions or themed shoot days, priced around £100-£200. These are shorter, more affordable yet still beautifully capture those precious early moments, allowing you to reach a broader clientele with quality photography.

At the end of the day, whether you go high ticket or low ticket, what truly matters is choosing the path that aligns perfectly with your unique vision and business goals. There’s no one-size-fits-all answer, only what feels right and works best for you.

Choosing the Best High Ticket or Low Ticket

Embarking on the journey to determine whether high ticket or low ticket offerings suit your business is not just about crunching numbers; it’s about tapping into the heartbeat of your brand. Imagine your business as a storybook – are you penning a tale of exclusive, luxurious experiences, or are you crafting a narrative that speaks to and resonates with a broader audience?

Consider your strengths and passions. High ticket offerings are like creating a masterpiece for each client, demanding your full creativity and attention. Does this kind of deep, immersive work light you up? Or do you thrive on the energy and reach of connecting with more people through low ticket items, spreading your influence far and wide?

Dive into the world of your audience. What do they crave? A touch of exclusivity and bespoke service, or the joy of accessible, everyday solutions? Listen to their stories, their feedback. It’s not just about what they need; it’s about what they dream of and how you can be part of that dream.

Reflect on your financial aspirations and how you want to grow. High ticket might mean soaring profits per sale but with a longer runway to close deals. Low ticket can bring a steady stream of sales, like a constant, comforting rhythm. Which tune does your business dance to?

Now, envision your future, the legacy of your brand. Are you building a name synonymous with luxury and exclusivity, or are you painting a picture of a brand that’s a part of people’s everyday lives, far and wide?

Five Essential Questions to Ignite Your Decision

  1. How does my heart beat for my brand – luxury and exclusivity, or broad and inclusive? Feel your brand’s pulse and see which model it syncs with.
  2. Where do my strengths lie – in crafting detailed, high-value experiences or in creating widespread, accessible solutions? Align your business model with what you love doing.
  3. What does my audience desire and dream of – bespoke, high-end services or practical, everyday solutions? Tune into your audience’s heartbeat.
  4. Which rhythm suits my financial dance – the high notes of big-ticket sales or the steady beat of frequent, smaller transactions? Consider how each model harmonises with your financial goals.
  5. What legacy am I building – a symbol of luxury and exclusivity or a brand that touches lives far and wide? Think long-term about the brand story you’re writing.

On the Fence about High Ticket vs Low Ticket?

Deciding between high ticket and low ticket options can feel like standing at a crossroads, each path glittering with its own promise. Remember, it’s not just a business decision; it’s a choice about the kind of journey you want to embark on with your brand.

If you’re still unsure, take a step back and reflect on what truly drives your passion. Think about the stories you want to tell through your work, the impact you wish to have, and the kind of clients you dream of connecting with. Sometimes, the right path isn’t the one that’s the most traveled, but the one that resonates with your unique voice and vision.

But let’s be real

Uncertainty can be daunting. It’s like trying to choose the perfect outfit for an occasion when everything looks appealing. In these moments, consider your ‘why.’ Why did you start your business? Was it to create exclusive, transformative experiences (high ticket) or to spread your influence and help as many as possible (low ticket)?

Also, think about your lifestyle. High ticket might mean fewer clients but more personalised attention and potentially longer working hours per client. Low ticket could lead to a higher volume of clients, requiring efficient processes and perhaps a leaner approach to personalised service. Which fits better with how you want to balance your life and work?

And last, but Not Least…

Don’t underestimate the power of experimenting. Sometimes, the best way to find out what suits you is to dip your toes in both waters. You might start with offering a few high ticket services and see how they resonate with you and your clients. Or, you might try rolling out a low ticket product and gauge the response. Your business is a living, evolving entity, and so are your strategies.

Final Thought on High Ticket vs Low Ticket

Remember, there’s no right or wrong choice here. It’s about finding what aligns with your values, meets your business goals, and brings joy to you and your clients. So, take your time, listen to your gut, and when you’re ready, take that leap. Your perfect path is waiting for you.

Excited about your choice? Swing by our Instagram (@dearcharlieuk) and let us know which path you’re taking with your business – high ticket or low ticket. Just know, whatever you choose, we’re here, rooting for your success every step of the way!

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