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Welcome to the treasure chest: our portfolio. Here, you’ll find a range of projects we’ve worked on. From menu design to comprehensive website branding (and everything in between), we do it all. So, grab yourself a cup of tea, let the scent of your favourite wax-melt swirl around the room, and soak up the atmosphere of the unique brands we’ve built.

Charlotte Hunter: Menopause Nutritionist - Full Brand Package

I have been working with 'Dear Charlie' for a year. From the beginning, the professionalism, timeliness, and planning demonstrated by Steph Honey were exceptional.

Steph's communication skills are truly remarkable. She maintained clear dialogue throughout the entire process, ensuring that I was always informed and involved in every step of the journey. Her ability to translate my ideas and preferences into creative concepts and mind-blowing designs left me speechless!

What truly set Dear Charlie apart was Steph's ability to listen attentively. She took the time to understand my business, personality, and preferences. I felt comfortable sharing my thoughts and ideas, knowing they would be met with understanding and without judgment. Overall our project resulted in an out-of-this-world brand that resonated with my clients.

The first time I saw the initial concepts created by Steph, I was instantly in love. The colours, logo, and fonts perfectly captured the essence of my business. It was evident that Steph had poured her heart and soul into every design aspect. The attention to detail and the high standard set were evident in every brand element.

Working with Steph was an absolute pleasure. Her professionalism, creativity, and dedication to excellence made the entire process seamless and enjoyable. It felt like working with a trusted friend who genuinely cared about bringing my vision to life.

Since the initial brand work, I have returned to Steph for additional services including graphics, sales pages and social media images. The quality and level of service remained consistently outstanding, reinforcing the fact that I made the right choice in selecting Dear Charlie as my partner in design crime!

I am truly grateful for the premium level of service and the exceptional results Steph has delivered. I highly recommend Dear Charlie to anyone seeking first-class branding and design solutions.

Thank you, Steph, for your talent, expertise, and unwavering commitment. You have exceeded my expectations, and I am excited to continue working with you.


Charlotte works with peri-menopausal and menopausal women to tackle their symptoms with nutrition. Being such an expert in the field, it was easy for Charlotte’s website to come across as cold and clinical. But one chat with her on Zoom revealed that she’s relatable, funny, and warm. Her quirky personality is a key differentiator in the market. So, we made it a focal point in the brand building process. Unique and personality-fitting typography, a colour palette that best represents her services and audience, and a solid brand identity means that she’s no longer embarrassed of her site. We’re extremely proud to have played our part in helping menopausal women win their lives back

Brass & Bloom - Brand Strategy, Brand Identity & Website Design

“I cannot praise Dear Charlie enough. Their ethic towards the building of our brand, website and other marketing materials has been nothing short of excellence every step of the way! I’m so impressed with the finished article and it’s been a pleasure.”


Brass & Bloom prides themselves on their warm, romantic atmosphere and fresh produce. So, when Karen - the founder of Brass & Bloom - reached out to Dear Charlie to design their website, we were thrilled. Above all, we worked tirelessly to infuse the atmosphere found in the cocktail bar onto a digital space. We wanted anyone who landed on the site to feel that same “Brass & Bloom” feeling that’s completely unique to the venue. On top of the website, we created social marketing materials that showcased the brand in all her beauty.

Lisa Talbot Personal Stylist - WordPress Website Design

“When I looked to create a new website, I wanted to work with someone who understood me and my brand. I could not have found anyone better than Dear Charlie.”


Lisa Talbot is an award-winning personal stylist. On a mission to unite people with clothing that represents their personality, lifestyle, and body-shape, this custom WordPress website build infused Lisa’s values at every turn.

Lisa’s style - editorial, polished, and gracefully effortless - was pinpointed through extensive research. It became clear that minimalism was key for this project with subtle nods that spoke volumes about Lisa’s character. With an accent font and subtle purple accent colour choice, clear and bright, crisp, and clean shades played homage to the imagery on the site. The result? Balance, grace, and a timeless “high-end” feel.

Yasmin Anne Photography - Showit Website Build

“Dear Charlie recently helped me build my website for my photography business. The time and professional work they put into the project was amazing. They helped me every step of the way, explained everything to me and went above and beyond to get the job completed in lightning time. I would highly recommend them to anyone who needs help with website building or creative marketing.”


Yasmin Anne Photography captures maternity and newborn moments with her camera that last forever in Farnborough, Hampshire (and surrounding areas). Pregnancy and baby-hood go by in the blink of an eye, but Yasmin’s art preserves precious memories for the rest of time. That’s why, when Yasmin reached out to us after having attempted to build her site herself, we wanted to play a role in this heartwarming business.

Taking photos of stunning mums-to-be and adorable newborns leaves little time for designing your own website. So, we researched and analysed her photography style, dived into her values, and created a site on Showit that is just as gorgeous as the photos she takes.

Natalie Trusdale: Self Esteem Coach - Brand Identity & Website Design

"I can't even express how glad I am that I chose Dear Charlie for my website. Honestly what they delivered was over and above what I expected, they were always there to answer any questions, explained the purpose behind everything and truly understood what I wanted, me and my brand! I'm not just saying it because its mine, it's the best brand and website I have seen!!!

coaching - lifestyle

Natalie Trusdale helps reunite women with lost self-esteem. With so many barriers and hurdles to jump over, it’s no wonder that women around the UK are struggling to see their own beauty. Prior to working with Dear Charlie, Natalie labelled herself as a Body Image Coach. After deep diving into her services, competitors, and capabilities, we worked together to rebrand as a new and improved Self-Esteem coach.

We took her target audience’s internet behaviour into account. With the vast majority of them heading to her site via mobile, we placed emphasis on building a site that was mobile-friendly and accessible.

Ami Writes: Copywriter and Content Writer - Brand Identity & Showit Website Build

“I’m not lying when I say that I was hesitant of outsourcing my website design. Because all the designers I’d looked into produced beautiful but beige and neutral websites. That’s not who my brand is in the slightest. But after speaking to Steph from Dear Charlie, I knew - immediately - that she understood my values, mission, and ideal client. I honestly can’t tell you how thrilled I am with the results. It’s like someone taken a walk inside my brain, then jumped straight into my heart and mirrored it. Since then, I’ve almost doubled my client intake, been able to raise my prices, and the women who reach out are more “my type” of clients. The fact that my business is succeeding right now has a whole lot to do with Dear Charlie’s services. I’ll never be able to thank them - specifically Steph - enough.”

service based

Ami Writes is a personal brand that delivers top-notch copywriting and content writing to female, service-based businesses. We were given a lot of creative freedom with Ami’s site. As expected, her website copy was already produced. So, we analysed her wording, picked up on her extended metaphors of magic, and listened to her plea of “no beige, feminine, playful and cute, but not too immature”.

The end result perfectly captured her Disney-esque, Potter-loving, catobsessed personality that she infuses in every piece of content she creates. Since her site has gone live, Ami has found that she’s attracting the right type of clients. Following her Brand Identity has resulted in countless compliments and captured leads, and she is now able to show off her work in a way that she’s proud of.

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