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As a business that’s been built with ambition and a driving force to help you succeed, we really do care about your business. We are really excited to get to know you, your vision and what your hopes and dreams for the future hold. You can rest assured we will be with you every step of the way that helps you thrive not just in business but within your life.

Just as every business is unique, the same goes for every project that we work on. And so, we don’t have an exclusive set of packages to choose from. After our Vision Call, you’ll be sent a proposal with bespoke packages tailored to what your brand needs to thrive. That said, these are our most popular packages.

The Essentials

Especially useful for those who are new to the world of business ownership and branding, your bespoke brand style guide lays it all out there. Guidelines, in black and white (and your brand colours), on how to remain consistent and strong with your brand. Learn how to use your logos, how to distinguish between file types, and how to format your fonts and colours. Plus, you’ll even be taught photography and artistic direction. 


At our branding studio, we understand that starting a business can be daunting, especially if you’re working with a smaller budget. That’s why we’ve created the Essentials package, designed specifically for those who are just starting out and want to make a big impact without breaking the bank.

Created just for you, the Brand It Beautifully™ Workbook guides you in the right direction. It encourages you to implement a basic brand strategy to carry you through the first stint of your journey of entrepreneurship. You’ll then get a 60-minute call where we’ll chat through your answers and you’ll have the ability to ask any questions to enhance and solidify your strategy. 

Brand It Beautifully™ WORKBOOK

With the Essentials package, you’ll get 3 custom-made logo variations (your primary, secondary, and submark) along with 2 rounds of revisions. You’ll also grab your favicon, a colour palette rooted in colour psychology and strategy, typography choices that represent your brand’s personality, brand marks to enhance your visual identity, and mock-ups. All wrapped up in a stunning branding presentation. 

Brand identity with clarity

The Glow-up

Ever wanted a roadmap or rule book to help you stay on brand? With so many graphics and images out there to use, it can be tempting to derail and break consistency. But with that comes consequences: a muddled brand that isn’t so easy to spot. Let us create a brand style guide, bespoke to you and your business. In black and white (and colour), you’ll have set rules to follow. From how to use your logos, what file types to use (and what they mean), how to use your fonts, colour combos, artistic direction, and even how to take your photos. 


Are you finding it challenging to maintain a consistent brand identity across your social media platforms, but you want to be the next social media sensation? Our branding package is designed to help you dominate the world of social media by creating a strong, consistent brand image that stands out on every platform. From Instagram to Twitter, Facebook to TikTok, we’ll help you establish a cohesive visual identity that captures your brand’s unique personality and values.

Take a deep breath because we’re about to dive into your brand. We’ll explore your goals, mission, vision, target audience and client personas, competitors, and so much more. Bespoke to you with concept moodboards and colour palettes, your brand strategy will feel like home. 


With the Glow Up package, you’ll grab 3 logo variations (your primary, secondary, and sub-mark), 2 rounds of revisions, your favicon, colour palette, typography, brand marks, and mock-ups. All presented to you in a branded, beautiful presentation. 

Brand identity with clarity

Together, we’ll build you an Instagram strategy that makes you proud to be social. Bespoke and branded Instagram templates that take only a few clicks to adjust for future use, and highlights. Plus, for extra sugary goodness, you can add a bolt-on to your package and extend it for monthly content curation.


World Wide Web Domination

With your brand style guide, there’s no more guessing. Everything’s there in black and white. And your brand colours, of course. You’ll get a clear guide that lays out how to use your logos, colours, and fonts. Plus, you’ll even be taught and guided into selecting and taking photos that best mirror your branding.


Looking to create a home for your business online? Our All-Inclusive package has everything you need to turn your digital house into a cozy, inviting home. With features and services tailored to your unique needs, this package includes everything but the kitchen sink (although we can certainly help with that too if you need it!). Let us help you build the perfect online space that truly reflects your brand and makes your customers feel right at home.

Your brand strategy is a play-by-play of who you are as a brand. It clarifies your goals, values, mission, personality, ideal client, and so much more. Merge them together on high heat and you’ll make a uniquely scented candle that is your brand through and through. 

It begins with strategy

The World Wide Web Domination package gives you the unbeatable gift of 3 logo variations (your primary, secondary, and submark) along with 2 rounds of revisions. Plus, you’ll get your favicon image, a clear and representative colour palette + typography, brand marks, and mock-ups. Set up in a stunning branding presentation, it’ll feel like Christmas every time you open your brand identity. 

Brand identity that converts

We have years of experience of taking a website from “sign up” to a real masterpiece. From WordPress to Showit and more, we’ll work together to create a website that hooks eyeballs, captures hearts, and converts visitors into leads. 

World wide web domination

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The packages above are just 3 examples. Our services are completely bespoke to you and your brand. So, if you’d like to pick-and-mix, or if we’ve not covered something that you need, then book a free vision call so we can talk it over. You’re in the driver’s seat. So, where are we heading?

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I had the pleasure of working with Dear Charlie on building my photography website, and I can confidently say that they were amazing! Throughout the entire process, they provided me with excellent support and guidance, and their professionalism and expertise exceeded my expectations. They went above and beyond to ensure that the final product was exactly what I had envisioned.


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