March 27, 2024

6 Reasons Why No One Is Joining Your Email List

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Steph Honey

Oh honey, you’ve got the email marketing spirit (gold star for you!) and you even whipped up a snazzy freebie to boot (another gold star!). But now, you’re sitting there, tapping your keyboard, wondering why your email list looks more like a ghost town than the buzzing marketplace you dreamed of.

You know that old saying, “Build it and they will come”? Well, darling, you’ve built it, but the only souls showing up are your dear mum and your ride-or-die bestie. Let’s untangle this mystery today with a nifty little checklist on what not to do when you’re aiming to grow that precious list of yours – plus, I’ll toss in some easy-peasy fixes to get you rolling.

6 Reasons Why Your Email List is Hearing Crickets

You’ve ticked all the boxes: email platform ready, check; snazzy freebie, check. But then, silence. It’s like throwing a party where only your mum and your BFF show up. Time to dive deep and fix the faux pas that are keeping your email list lonelier than a solo cup at a lavish banquet.

1. Sign-Up Form Hide and Seek (Or Just Plain Boring)

If I drop by your digital doorstep and can’t spot a sign-up form straight away, we’ve hit snag number one. And if that form’s as enticing as “Sign up for updates”? Yawn. Let’s sprinkle some personality into this party. Tell your visitors the goodies they’ll snag by joining your crew. Make it impossible to resist!

2. Freebies? More Like Meh-bies

No line at your freebie buffet? Time to check if what you’re serving is what folks actually crave. Unsure? Ask them, then create that must-have PDF, guide, or discount code that’ll have them handing over their emails faster than you can say “exclusive access.”

3. Your Awesome Freebies Are Playing Hard to Get

Got a killer freebie but no takers? Maybe it’s not getting enough spotlight. Remember, only a sliver of your followers sees your posts at any given time. Share, share, and share again. Make your freebie the talk of the town across all your social platforms.

4. The Value of Your List: Lost in Translation

If people aren’t sure why they should join your email list, it’s time for some clarity. What’s in it for them? Beyond the freebie, convey the soul-nourishing value they’ll receive directly in their inbox. Make them eager for your next email like it’s the next episode of their favourite series.

5. Too Much Sell, Not Enough Tell

If every visit to your site or socials feels like a sales pitch, you’re pushing people away. The magic formula? Storytelling + value. Make your audience feel, think, and smile. Share bits of wisdom and fun facts that make joining your list a no-brainer.

6. Chatting Up Like a Corporate Robot

Imagine you’re catching up with your bestie, not delivering a boardroom presentation. Ditch the jargon, keep it light, and speak to your audience like the fabulous friends they are. It’s all about making connections that feel genuine and warm.

And there you have it! A touch of charm, a dash of wit, and a heap of heart can transform your email list from a desolate land to a bustling community eager for your next word. Here’s to creating an email list that’s as lively and engaging as a champagne brunch with your besties. Cheers to that!

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