Infuse your brand identity with a touch of enchantment and mystical allure. With Yasmin Haynes, you can conjure a brand identity that embodies opulence, glamour, and sophistication, setting your brand apart with a dash of magic. This kit boasts a collection of stunning visual elements, including a bewitching logo, enchanting typography, and a colour palette that sparkles with otherworldly elegance.


  • Logo Variations (including Primary, Secondary + Submark as shown below)
  • 3 File Types (.png, .pdf, .svg)
  • Typography System
  • Colour Palette
  • Social Media Avatar
  • Mini Brand Style Guide
  • Brand Textured Backgrounds
  • Branded Graphics (as seen in listing)
  • 1 Revision

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Our Yasmin Haynes Brand Kit is designed to help businesses infuse their brand identity with an enchanting and mystical allure. It features a collection of visually striking elements that evoke a sense of opulence, glamour, sophistication, and magic. The kit includes a bewitching logo, enchanting typography, and a colour palette that sparkles with otherworldly elegance. These elements work together to create a consistent and memorable brand identity that can help businesses differentiate themselves from their competitors and capture the attention of their target audience.

A few things to keep in mind

  1. When you buy our product, the fonts we used aren’t included in the package. But don’t worry, I’ll send you some links to purchase them so we can make sure our project looks absolutely gorgeous together.
  2. Since this is a digital product, we won’t be able to issue any refunds or exchanges once you make the purchase. So before you hit that “Buy Now” button, make sure you’re absolutely sure about your decision.
  3. The designs in our product are super special and are owned by us here at Dear Charlie. We kindly ask that you don’t copy, share, or use them for any commercial purposes. We put a lot of love and effort into creating them, and we really appreciate your respect for our hard work.

Yasmin Haynes Brand Kit

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